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At Da Vinci Private School of Castelnau-le-Lez, the week is divided equally between English and French, so that each child has two teachers, one English and one French.

Le Programme Pédagogique - Da Vinci Private School


The child develops a deep understanding of essential concepts.


Children acquire and, above all, put into practice all the skills they need to flourish.


The child develops a positive attitude towards learning, the environment and others.


The child is responsibilized.

Educational approach and teaching methods

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Le Programme Pédagogique - Da Vinci Private School

Thanks to this dedicated teaching program, children can easily return to the national curriculum they left behind a few years ago.


Beyond fully bilingual immersion, the school relies on an educational program developed over sixty years, constantly updated, and specially designed especially for children.

The program is interdisciplinary, and each subject is approached in conjunction with the other subjects in a coherent whole that preserves its importance: mathematics, for example, is also approached in science, geography in music, etc.


The program uses a range of assessment tools that precisely measure each child's level of learning, enabling us to individualize the teaching that's right for him or her.


Thus, through daily activities, teachers continually measure children's progress in their knowledge and skills. Using this assessment, they then plan future activities with the children, organizing the class into groups of the same level, while progress is reported to parents on a regular basis.

The elementary school program emphasizes critical thinking, personal responsibility for learning, curiosity and self-help. It involves the child as an active participant in his or her own learning.


In addition to this international program, to which Da Vinci Private School of Castelnau-le-Lez refers and which involves over 14,000 schools worldwide, the program also incorporates the essential points of national curricula, so that it can prepare children to continue their studies in a French or international establishment. de l’Education Nationale Française, de sorte qu’elle sait préparer les enfants aussi bien à continuer leur cursus dans un établissement français qu’international.

Individualized education in a stimulating environment is one of the major advantages of Da Vinci Private School of Castelnau-le-Lez. What's more, immersive bilingual schooling from early childhood onwards, with its emphasis on reasoning, abstraction and memorization, leads to superior performance in all areas of learning, including the mother tongue.


The future of each child and the peace of mind of parents are important to us.

There's no need to debate further the fact that English is asserting itself as the language of international communication, whether oral or written. Da Vinci Private School of Castelnau-le-Lez prepares every child for international school exchanges in French and English, European university mobility and the internationalization of professions. Thanks to Da Vinci Private School of Castelnau-le-Lez, children's minds are opened to cultural diversity and the riches of the world.

We offer children the choice of a wide range of spontaneous and collective learning activities, so that they can play an active role in their own learning process.


We give them every opportunity to make the most of their abilities, and teach them to learn with pleasure, to prepare them to be at ease in any situation, and to face the realities of an ever-changing society later on.

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