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For children aged 2 to 11


From the outset, Da Vinci Private School of Castelnau-le-Lez has offered an educational concept unique to the region, yet based on a pedagogy fully mastered by over 14,000 international schools worldwide.


Da Vinci Private School of Castelnau-le-Lez welcomes children aged 2 to 11. It prepares them to become bilingual in French and English, in the best possible learning conditions, with class sizes deliberately limited to 20 students per class, and a pedagogical program developed by leading international schools over the last sixty years, based on the best practices of different school systems around the world.


Each student will benefit from personalized learning that will help them raise their level where they need it and challenge them where they need to be. At Da Vinci Private School every child will have the environment they need to reach their full potential.


An international future


Da Vinci Private School of Castelnau-le-Lez is not under contract with the French State, in the sense that it is not subsidized, and voluntarily free from ideology.


Because the child of today will be the student of tomorrow, capable of starting his or her studies in France, continuing them in the United States and finishing them in Japan, Da Vinci Private School of Castelnau-le-Lez gives him or her the opportunity to prepare for an international future as early as possible.

Enfants internationaux - Da Vinci Private School

Social life and moral values

We combine order and spontaneity, discipline and autonomy. We encourage social life within the classroom and the teaching of moral values.

Cultural diversity

We emphasize creativity as well as presentation, and share the region's cultural diversity with children through numerous activities and partnerships, such as with Montpellier's theaters and sports clubs.

Digital resources

We use multimedia resources because children are born with these technologies, and because they immediately appeal to their overall understanding, as in language learning.

French and English are not foreign languages

Discover the school and its founders

A propos - Da Vinci Private School

The most sensitive period for language learning is from birth to age 8.


Naturally, from the age of 2, children recognize the languages to which they are exposed, and express themselves clearly in one or the other. That's why, at Da Vinci Private School as at any other international school in the world, language is not considered a subject of study: the child simply has to use it to gain access to the activities that are shared in English or French per half-week. Supervision is provided by a qualified teaching team.

Da Vinci Private School of Castelnau-le-Lez offers a calm, protective environment tailored to the individual child. For this reason, we deliberately limit class size.


Our pedagogical approach, based on international practices, is essential to the learning objectives we set ourselves with our children.


So at Da Vinci Private School of Castelnau-le-Lez, activities stimulate the spirit of individual initiative, but also know how to be collective and appeal to a feeling of responsibility.

Our experience and knowledge of each individual child responds to their fundamental needs, helping them to learn as well as motivating them to continue their education.


At Da Vinci Private School of Castelnau-le-Lez, the teaching team is made up exclusively of experienced and qualified specialists. Using their know-how, they base the principles of individualized education on each child's natural disposition, stimulating self-confidence and fostering learning. They never cease to stimulate the child's thinking and curiosity, for the benefit of his or her development and progress. They organize group activities, while remaining attentive to individual needs.

The founders of the Da Vinci school are Pernille and Adil. They live together in Castelnau and have three daughters and a son.


By setting up their own school in their region of residence, Pernille and Adil now want to offer other families the chance to enroll their children in a school with an international outlook.


Driven by their passion for children, they are accompanied by experienced professionals specializing in international early childhood education, founders of the Swiss-based Groupe Latitude Bilingual SA.

Children aged 2 to 11

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Limited to 20 students per class

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More than 14,000 international schools

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