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The Da Vinci School Club is a range of extra-curricular activities designed for children aged 4 to 11, open on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday morning to all children, whether enrolled at school or not.


During a single three-hour session, children take part in a multitude of fun activities, while learning English with English-speaking or perfectly bilingual activity leaders.


A natural bilingual atmosphere


The primary vocation of the Da Vinci school remains that of offering children the opportunity of a natural bilingual atmosphere.


Each activity enables children to use a language other than their mother tongue, and to develop real skills in both.


Children open up to cultural diversity, improve their adaptability and discover bilingualism.

Club de loisirs - Da Vinci Private School


Teach English to children formally and informally using the practice of immersion.

Good usage

Ensuring the correct use of the English language in a natural environment.

Artistic activities

Encourage artistic, musical and theatrical sensibilities.


To offer children a rich environment where they feel supported and encouraged to participate in fulfilling activities.

For all children, whether enrolled in school or not

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Club de loisirs - Da Vinci Private School

Whatever the child's level of English, he or she will enjoy taking part: bilingual children who practice in a playful context, as well as those who discover that it's possible to communicate in another language by responding to simple instructions or trying out certain phrases.

Because young children are naturally endowed with immense creative potential, the Da Vinci School's Club de Loisirs is organized around creative activities and games. Immersed in a playful environment, children develop a host of other skills and knowledge, including language acquisition, without ever falling into a rigid academic program. And the younger the children, the more impressive the results.


The long-term objectives for early childhood are :


* Competence: to develop children's faculties in the areas covered.

* Socialization: to enhance individual and collective spirit through group activities and shared experiences.

* Autonomy: encourage children to take initiative, ask questions and set limits for themselves.

* Creativity: realizing something new, imagining new ideas and finding alternative solutions.

When it comes to foreign language activities, learning communication skills and vocabulary is fundamental. And when working with young children, acquisition comes naturally through immersion, an advantage that adults lack when learning another language.


In the Club de Loisirs' English-language activities, the child's playful spirit is used as a key element in learning the English language. The practical application uses total immersion, where English is spoken to children in a natural way in situations that will require them to speak in English in turn. To achieve this, the instructor uses body language, games and songs...


Activity is fundamental. But never ask children to repeat themselves if they don't want to, or forbid them to speak in French. The key is to always remember to encourage children to take the risk of expressing themselves, without putting them in stressful situations by pretending that we don't understand them, by bringing them gently and durably into language immersion.

At the Da Vinci School Leisure Club, through manual or physical activities, games, art projects, music, etc., children not only benefit from an enriching extra-curricular activity, but also interact in a stimulating and fulfilling environment where other aspects of their development are also taken into account.


Thanks to motivating and fun activities, and following a mastered pedagogy supervised by professionals, the Da Vinci School leads to the blossoming of talents and a real desire to learn in children which, if acquired at an early age, will accompany them throughout their lives.

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