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The Founder

Founder, Managing Director

Pernille Kongstad

Denmark & ​​United States


Born in Copenhagen into a family of university professors, Pernille is deeply imbued with an inclusive Danish education that promotes autonomy, creativity and active student participation. Her father, vice-president of a Copenhagen university, had a strong influence on her educational path, in which Pernille flourished.


As a teenager, accompanying her mother, a researcher at Stanford University in California, she spent several months immersed in a high school that embodied the principles of American education, with its emphasis on encouraging students and challenging them. This eye-opening experience awakened in her the ability to dream in English and consolidated her sensitivity to cultural differences.


Pernille & Adil


After graduating from high school, she went to the South of France to learn French in immersion, and it was at business school that she met Adil, who became an essential pillar in her life.


Adil was the first in her family to be born in France. He developed an acute understanding of the importance of education early on, inspired by his uncle in Morocco, a lawyer and committed intellectual. With an exemplary education in French public schools, he initially opted to study law, where he gained access to a whole new world, later broadening his international horizons thanks to the Erasmus program in Wales.




Their meeting with Pernille led to the harmonization of a professional life, first international and then Castelnauvienne, while at the same time being parents of three little girls and a boy, enrolled in the French education system and introduced to world travel from an early age.


Inspired by the varied lessons they had learned on their international journeys, their burning desire was to create their own international school offering students the best of both worlds:

 • an international education that transcends borders, promotes language learning and intercultural understanding,
 • and French education, rich in intellectual heritage and renowned for its structured system of academic rigor and excellence.




In this way, by inaugurating their international school, Pernille and Adil are also reaffirming their total commitment to Castelnau's associative, educational and sporting life. An involvement that the whole family has nurtured since 2020 through a variety of functions aimed at actively contributing to improving the quality of life in their commune.

Pernille Kongstad, Directrice, Fondatrice de la Da Vinci Private School

Castelnau-le-Lez (34)

The founders of the Da Vinci school are Pernille and Adil. They live together in Castelnau and have three daughters and a son.

Open to the world

By setting up their own school in their region of residence, Pernille and Adil now want to offer other families the chance to enroll their children in a school with an international outlook.

Latitude Bilingual®

Driven by their passion for children, they are accompanied by experienced professionals specializing in international early childhood education, founders of the Swiss-based Groupe Latitude Bilingual SA.

Children aged 2 to 11

up to 2 years old

Limited to 20 students per class

0 students max

More than 14,000 international schools

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